About Us & Our Mission

We here at PrintingWithPaws know the joy a pet brings to your life. They are family. In many ways, they will always give us more than we will give them. They are special and deserve only the very best in this world.

Knowing this, we began on a mission. Our mission was and will continue to always be one: bring to you unique and fun ways to celebrate and show the love you have for your pets (and pets lost over the years). A timeless keepsake, an item that will make you happy always as well as ensure your pet feels loved.

Behind the scenes, our mission is accomplished by a hard working team. We are based in London, United Kingdom. The team includes vets as well as very talented artists and designers, who share a common passion for pets. A team that cares about animal welfare. A team that would never be able to imagine a world in which we didn't have any pets.

We ourselves have pets and feature some of them in the photography shown on our website.

We have a range of products for you to explore and love. If you would like to see something we don't have, we are always open to new ideas and feedback. Reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

Our colourful pet posters, frames and canvases are great for decorating your home or to gift to that pet lover in your life. We guarantee they will produce a smile and brighten up any room they hang in!