What Your Pet Says About Your Personality

What Your Pet Says about your Personality

It's one of those questions that you might have asked yourself when you see someone walking their dog down the street. It seems so amazing that most pets seem to look just their owners, or is it the other way around? With so many different types of pets, what does that typically say about the owner? Now you'll find out the facts and myths when it comes to pet owner personalities.

The Biggest Myth: Pets and your Personality

While we’ve seen plenty of pets that don’t always match if you compare how an owner looks with their pet, sadly we typically see more stereotypes that are taken for granted. This can be said for those who have lots of tattoos and like walking around with a rat or snake on their shoulder. The same can be said for pocket pooches for trendy luxury girls, or mini Chihuahuas carried around by little old ladies.

You might be prone to think that the guy with a Pit Bull that wears a white muscle shirt is raising their dog to be vicious. And perhaps the worst stereotype is gender stereotyping male and female animals, especially when it comes to dogs. Many people often think that female dogs are gentle and loving, while males are more faithful to an owner. The truth might be more shocking when it all comes down to the owner who chooses their pet.

Owner Traits and their Pets

According to a study that was conducted in 2011, it was revealed that owners have a lot to say about themselves when it comes to choosing a pet. Many of the traits that an owner displays are reflecting a part of themselves while deciding on the type of pet they're interested in owning. And while many owners use a gender norm to define a suitable pet, it's also defining how an owner defines themselves concerning their pet.

The first example is pet personality, which can tell you a lot about its owner in real life. The characteristics of a pet are often similar to how these pets will act in nature. As a rule, the way an animal acts in the wild is often a mirror image of its owner in reality. Some people will openly use their pets more like an extension of their gender affirmation. So there is, to some extent, some truth to the reason why many pets seem fitting to certain people.

When it comes to owning cats or dogs, the breed and type of these animals will all have very traits that are somewhat easy to navigate. The one thing to remember is that each of these typical animal breeds has subtle differences due to how they've genetically evolved and been bred over the last few centuries. As for exotic pets such as reptiles, spiders, and small mammals including rodents and fuzzy critters, this adds a whole new layer of owner traits.

Exotic pets are very predictable if you know them well enough, but they don’t offer much for owner interaction and are often cared-for rather than relationship building. When it comes down to their cuteness factor and creepy crawly appearance, it does tell you a lot about their owner when you compare them to each animal trait. That doesn’t mean that owners will mimic their pets exactly, yet more related to an owner who acts similar to their pets.

These similarities are often linked to a pet’s color if they are male or female and outward traits that are easy to see. For dog owners, it's common to see a careful planner with a strong sense of duty and is self disciplined. You might be surprised to know that dog owners are energetic and outgoing with plenty of enthusiasm towards everyday events. Cat owners are a bit different since they are commonly artistic and creative. 

You'll be interested to know most cat owners are non-traditional thinkers but tend to be more nervous and get stressed easily. Their knack for being curious will often show how a cat owner will try new things but will worry and become cautious about daily troubles. It's much more common than anything that most people prefer dogs over cats just because of this reason. It's also the level of bonding that a dog will have with its owner too.

Are you like your pet?

When it comes to your personality and your pet, you only need to look at what your pet is doing most of the time. Since dogs are so easy-going and compassionate for needing attention, many owners strive to be like their dogs to overcome their own fears. This is why dogs are excellent for companionship and interaction with their owners. It's not hard to imagine why people who like dogs are generally more likable than many other types of pet owners.