Top 10 Puppy Training Tips

Top 10 Dog Puppy Training Tips


Have you lost all the hope in training your pup? Then go no further as you have just landed at the right place. Puppies are a younger version of the dogs. Small and fluffy puppies are the best ones when it comes to love and affection. 

If you are planning to adopt one make sure you give the following training tips a read!

Give Your Pet a Name

How do you call anyone? Obviously, by pronouncing their name! 

You have just got the idea where this is going. Yes, it would help if you named your pet straight away. Talking through scientific terms, all animals can understand some unique words. If you repeat their name day in and day out, these words help them recognize what is at stake.

Similarly, if you would name your pup and spoke it each day in a way to call, your puppy would understand. For example, I thought I would name my lion cub tiger. Isn’t that ironic?

I Need Space

After you were married, did you and your wife decide upon specific rules? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about; we all do that. So when this new member, your pet, comes in, make sure you decide on certain things. 

Make a plan and decide what places your pet can access, such as the kitchen. And also, make sure what places your pup must not enter, such as your bed. I wanted my lion cub to sleep with me. But then I thought about my wife, and I gave up the idea.

Pet Villa

My dream is to own a big house in a posh area. Do you have a similar dream? It seems awkward, right? But it’s alright. It is good to have goals. But why are most people reluctant to give their pets the space they require? It is good to have this planned. 

Make sure you make a private place such as a small house for your puppy. Also, make sure to interact with your pup, suggesting that they enter and relax in the den. You can try to place some food in there and then see them jumping in.

Welcome Home

Once you bring your new boy home, make sure to give them a feeling of acceptance. It is ideal if you have arranged a separate house for them. Take them to their place, use your hands to curl their hair, and provide them with starter food. 

When you return from a walk with your puppy, please treat them with some warm water and even give them a light shower. When they fall asleep, place a ticking clock near them. This clock helps to keep their heartbeat regular.


I always wanted to win a medal during school. Everyone loves a treat too. So why not treat our pets with some rewards? This is one of the most spectacular training tips that would do loads of favor. Whenever your puppy does a good action, instantly reward them with food such as cookies. 

Giving Your Dog or Puppy A Reward

Train your dogs with good habits and treat them right away. This would develop a sense of responsibility and activeness in them. What would my lion have got as a reward? Probably, a lamb roast. But that would be too expensive. 

Come, Charlie!

This is the essential training tip for every pet. Once you have given your pup a name, make sure they respond to your call too. For this, you need to call the name multiple times once your puppy comes home for the first time. 

Giving a Dog a Command or Instruction

With constant calling, your pup would eventually understand the importance of the word. And when you would call him next, he would instantly run towards you.

Crunch Time

Puppies and dogs do not care about anything after a while. So when they do something wrong, within a minute, they would forget everything. So if you want to be a strict parent, this is the golden tip for you. 

Whenever your pup does something wrong, instantly use an affirmative tone to suggest them. Within no time, your pup would understand the bad habits and eventually leave them.

Be the Strict Parent

Pets, especially dogs, have this habit of jumping to greet you. This might be out of love, but you need to train your pup when to jump in joy and when to behave. This is one of the key training tips you are reading. But there is an excellent way to train your pup for this. 

Puppy Training Being Strict

Whenever your pup jumps on you when you do not want to cuddle, ignore them. Ignorance is what pets dislike the most. So when you turn your back to them, they would instantly regret their decision. So even if you want to be bold like me to have a lion as a pet, don’t let them get this freedom.

I Hate When You Bite

Carrying unwanted habits, biting is something puppies usually do. Even if I had a lion cub in my hand at this moment, he would bite me anytime. I would have got hurt, but I am saving you.

Would you get a friend like me? So, when your pup jumps to you and tries to bite you, gently slap him or get him away with force. This would trigger the bad habit judger in them and help them leave the habit in regret.

Give Them Credits

Like a movie ends, and all you are left with is credits and a few popcorns. This is how you should end your training lessons. Always try to keep your pet happy. Once they are happy, they will love you. 

They would love your presence and wait long enough to see you. Having a pet is a bond that is based on love and affection. So treat your pets with cookies and their favorite food at the end of sessions to keep them happy. 

Wrapping Up!

Your pup is an excellent addition to your family. Consider your puppy as part of your family, and you would love their presence just like they do. Puppy training is a mature habit of making sure your pup understands you. 

Adopt these ten training habits and make sure to keep on implementing on newer strategies as well.