8 Best Pets For Small Living Spaces

8 Best Pets For Small Living Spaces


Owning a pet feels excellent and a fun thing to do. But often, a fun activity requires you to plan well and consider when planning to bring in a pet for your living spaces. You must define what a small living space is. Apartments and flats are regarded as small living spaces. Thus, you need the exact information regarding which pets will fit well here. Below, you will find useful descriptions and considerations regarding each pet.

#1: Dogs

A dog is a popular pet that people love. The best trait that dogs carry is easy mixing up in any space. There is no limitation regarding what your space must be in dimensions. However, you will need to consider the physical activities that your dog needs. These include exercise sessions, walks, and fresh air time. Moreover, you need to identify which dog breeds bark louder. Since this can disturb your neighbours living close by.


  • Every dog breed needs to move out every six hours. This can be a gentle walk, terrace time, or exercise session.
  • If you love large dogs, the greyhound is a fine choice. These dogs sleep for the most part on the couches!
  • Some apartments carry restrictions regarding dogs and their breeds. Check this out first!

Dogs Best Pets For Small Living Spaces

#2: Cats

And the second popular pet that people own is a cat. People know cats as friendly, small, and controllable. But this is since we find them in open spaces. To confine them into a small space, you need to understand several facts. At best, your cat will need attention towards itself. For this, you can plan some general activities. These can be turning the T.V. mostly. And go into cuddles and play sessions often.


  • Siamese is a vocal cat breed. And in small apartments, your neighbours will not like this new addition.
  • If you plan to be in Bengal, spacious places are their first love. Thus, you will need to increase exercise and interaction sessions for a small accommodation.

#3: Birds and Parrots

Often people think that owning a bird is the easiest thing. However, this can be a complex affair if you do not understand their behaviour. Parrots, for example, like to interact a lot. And by this, we mean interaction several hours a day. If you stay out for long, your parrot will miss you and express anger. This anger and loneliness are in the form of screaming. And everyone knows that a parrot’s scream is dangerous.


  • Read briefs and descriptions regarding what it takes to feed and own a bird.
  • Several parrot breeds require time out of their cages. Consider these parrots before making a purchase.

#4: Nano Fish Aquarium

You will need to buy a small aquarium for small fishes at best. This set-up will improve your indoor decoration and give you a pet likewise. Nano fish aquariums are easy to buy and maintain. All you need for an aquarium is freshwater of 10 gallons and saltwater of around 35 gallons. Moreover, your nano fish aquarium will not only house small fishes but also:

  • Shrimps
  • Snails
  • Dwarf frogs
Fish Best Pets For Small Living Spaces



  • Managing and maintaining an aquarium is an easy task. But if you choose the wrong fish type, your burden might increase.
  • Research before bringing in a fish since some carry necessary water changing requirements.
  • Consider your apartment size before bringing in an aquarium.

#5: Snakes

Snakes give you some great benefits while being decent pets. And neither require tanks and special spaces for living. They can roll themselves and extend long. Either way, there are no space requirements. Snakes also do not want you to interact with them aloud. You just need to be around!

Snakes Best Pets For Small Living Spaces


  • Although snakes do not require dedicated spaces, their size is the only issue. It is since full-grown Ball Pythons extend to about 5 feet!
  • Few snake breeds like to have live prey for dinner or lunch. Whereas a few are okay with dead ones. Either way, pet owners need to decide on this category.

#5: Lizards

A lizard is better than a snake in many aspects. And often, they match the requirements of the snakes. For instance, lizards do not require spacious apartments to live in. But they do require decent tanks. However, you can easily accommodate these tanks in your flats and small spaces. Lizards will not bother if you stay out for long meetings. And they do not prefer an outdoor session. But you can do well with them through interactive sessions!

Lizards Best Pets For Small Living Spaces


  • Match the necessary diets your specific lizard needs.
  • Some lizards need special lighting to produce vitamin D, and this can be a challenging requirement for many.

#7: Frogs and Toads

Some people like to have a living thing near them. They are lazy to interact and take their pets out. For them, a pet that works on its own is the best one. Frogs and toads are the best choices for such people. The only consideration is the tank that they require. And that too requires around 10 to 20 gallons for a single species. A horned frog and a fire-bellied toad find typical attractions from people.


  • Frogs and toads carry unique requirements. These include light, temperature, humidity, etc. Look out for more details!
  • The tank must be closed from either side so that it does not get lost in your space.

#8: Hamsters

People’s favorite pets, hamsters, find the basic requirements to live in a space. Not a huge cage if you plan to own one. However, for multiple hamsters, obtain a large cage and allow separations. This is since hamsters need to live alone! In essence, the only requirements are:

  • Keeping their cage clean.
  • Nice diet to feed on.
  • Good items to play with.

Apart from these, there is no other care you can give them. And there is nothing they will demand.

Hamsters Best Pets For Small Living Spaces


  • The primary requirement to own a hamster is that you need to tame them ideally.
  • A bad thing about hamsters is that they can keep you up with their noise.