6 Holiday Gifts For New Dog Parents

6 Holiday Gifts For New Dog Parents


The holiday season is around the corner and I’m assuming you haven’t picked a gift yet? That’s perfectly fine. We know how important it is to select a thoughtful gift for your loved one. And if that loved one is a dog owner, this blog will remove all your doubts.

We know that new dog parents spend bucks when bringing them in. But this is not all. Dog parents spend loads of bucks to bring in different accommodations as well. These include dog treats, house, and other necessary stuff. So, if you know a new dog parent, give them something special this holiday season.

Your holiday gift for a new dog parent will look heavenly. So, let’s help you select the best gift ever!

1. Barkbox

From gift boxes to bark boxes, the world is changing a lot. When you intend to give something to a dog, it becomes a dog gift. And the packing becomes a bark box. This is the best thing you can give to a dog parent. And do you know why? Try asking yourself why you love a pack of items rather than one or two items.

The reason is you love to spend on a package that brings more items. Similarly, a bark box is the best package since it includes some amazing items. These include dog treats and dog toys.

Depending upon the manufacturer, dog toys in a bark box may contain chewy toys as well as quirky toys. In short, a bark box is a great gift box if you love to spend less and obtain more.

2. Portable Bowls

What is it that dogs love the most? It is the food. All animals love two things. It is eating and sleeping. But beware. Do not add this eating and sleeping habit to your dog.

Anyhow, portable bowls are what is in the business today. As the name suggests, these bowls are portable. This means the bowls will easily fold and unpack for an on-the-go trip.

These bowls have great importance. They help your dog to eat on the go. A portable bowl gift contains two bowls, usually of the same size.

Size and portability are not the only features on offer. In addition, each bowl is easy to fill, clean, and fold. Thus allowing your pet to enjoy his favorite treats and food.

3. Digital ID Tag

This is the 22nd century we live in. And this century is all about technology. From laptops and gaming consoles to smartphones, the world is seeing a lot. In this light, tech innovators continuously look for ways to provide new ideas.

The digital ID tag is one of the newest technologies available. But wait, this is not new for humans. It is for pets. Dog owners often complain of their dog going far away and sometimes lost.

To overcome this issue, a digital ID tag for dogs is developed. These include a GPS tracker to know where your dog is at the moment. And some other key info such as your contact information, dog’s vaccination record, etc.

Apart from other gifts, this is the most useful one. And the reason is simple. With this gift, you lend a helping hand to a dog parent.

4. First Aid Box

Emergency wards in hospitals do not contain expensive machinery. All they have is a first aid kit to attend to the patients rapidly. This is the importance of such a kit.

Dogs Cats First Aid Kit Box Emergency Help

A first aid kit for pets is only necessary. Moreover, if you own a dog and do not have a first aid kit, you have done wrong. This kit is as necessary for dogs as it is for humans.

When you bring a new dog, you intend to train skills and activities physically. And once he is fully trained, he tries new things. In either case, an injury is likely to happen. Or, if he is on a stroll in the park, he can still catch an injury. Hence, you need a first aid box.

5. Dog Travel Carrier

A travel carrier specially built for dogs is important. And more than important, it is a necessity. A trip is an important element of one’s life. People love to travel and go on trips often. And dog owners love to travel with their pets.

Dog Pet Travel Carrier Cage Portable Convenient

But often, dog owners do not travel with their pets. And this is due to one main reason.
Dog owners generally do not find a travel carrier for their young dogs like the cats. And this is why you need to look out for this special item on the market.

A dog travel carrier is what a new dog parent desperately needs. So if you wish to give something valuable to a dog parent, you have found the best item.

6. Pet Blanket

With all the expensive stuff done, let’s move to simpler ones. Staying warm is what we all love, especially after a shower. And once the weather gets cold, a blanket is the best thing we all love. So why not think the same for dogs too? Dogs feel cold, just like us. And being a dog parent, you need to make sure they remain safe.

As they say, leave the best for the last. This is what we have for you. A pet blanket. Wait, that's simple? Well, yes. But this is not your regular pet blanket.

custom personalized pet fleece blanket-printing-with-paws

A blanket ideally made for your dog. But guess what? We have got this one for you. Printing With Paws brings you a custom pet blanket with vibrant colors for your dog. Go get yours now!

To Summarise

A gift is a great appreciation for your loved ones. But a gift that fulfils the necessity is even more loving. If you have a dog, you know what it takes to tick all the requirements. And if you know someone who owns a dog, you gift them with likewise items. Hence, this read will help you plan the next holiday season for yourself and your loved ones!