10 Interactive Ways To Keep your Pup Busy

10 Interactive Ways To Keep your Pup Busy

Being stuck at home is boring enough for you and your pup. And keeping your pup busy is a lot of work and challenging at the same time. Dramatically, running out of ideas to keep your fur friend busy is also a problem in itself.

So, if you’re looking for some easy ways to keep your pup busy, you’ve come to the right place. To help you out in this slump phase, I’ve put together a list of 10 interactive ways to keep your pup busy.

So, without further ado, let's dig into them!

The Benefits of Keeping Your Dog Busy

Your bored pup can get you in trouble. This happens because you are the main source of entertainment for them. So, if you don’t give them enough time to play, they will eventually come up with their own activities. As a result, you are going to find chewed curtains and shoes all over the house. But, of course, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Playing with your dog or keeping him busy will decrease the chances of any indoor destruction. Your dog won’t develop such habits as chewing everything or barking non-stop.

Stuffed Kong to Keep Your Dog Busy

Kill your dog’s boredom with stuffed Kongs because they are his favorite. But, on the bright side, they are really easy to prepare. So, if you want your pup busy for a while, try stuffing Kong with his favorite treats. You can get good use of frozen peanut butter here. Or just put some of his favorite treats. It will keep your pup busy.

A Hide and Seek Toy

Most of the dogs love to play hide and seek. So, if you want to have a little break from your pup, consider buying a hide and seek toy. Your fur friend will get busy playing with it. Make sure to buy the toy or puzzle that your dog loves wholeheartedly. Otherwise, he’s not going to pay attention at all.

Pets Dogs A Hide And Seek Toy Game Play

Buy a New Dog Toy or Rotate Existence Ones

It has been seen that puppies get bored with their toys after a while. These toys don’t look interesting to them anymore. So, give a thought to either buy your pup a new toy or rotate the existing ones. Doing so will trick them into playing with these toys all over again. On the other hand, adding a new toy to the collection will also be a good idea. You can make your dog’s toy more interesting by playing tug or fetch. 

Let Your Pup Sit by the Window

Yes, you heard it! Let your fur friend sit by the window for a while. Make sure to set a safe and clear spot for your pup to sit and see the outside world. Open windows and slide-up shades to let them enjoy the mesmerizing sound of the outdoors.

Do this only if your windows are pet-proof—no risks to the security of your little buddy.

Play Find the Treats

Let your dog’s nose do something good for him. Dogs have a weirdly strong sense of smell, and today I will tell you how to use it and kill boredom. All you have to do is hide your pup’s favorite treats around the house and let him find them by sniffing them all over the place. 

The more the time, the merrier you pup will be. Make sure to change the place of treats every time you play with him. Doing so will keep the game fun and interesting for a long time.

Play Guess the hand Game

Here comes another game to challenge your dog’s strong sense of smell:

  1. Hide his favorite treat in one hand and keep the other hand empty.
  2. Close your fists and ask your dog to guess which one of the fists holds his treat.
  3. Wait for your dog to tell the correct fist with a treat in it.

Don’t spoil him by giving away treats even after the wrong answer.

Let Your Puppy Watch Television

If your puppy is afraid of socializing or you don’t want him to step out of home, give him something to experience. Turn on the TV and switch channels by keeping an eye on your dog. Stop switching the channels when you see your dog getting excited. Definitely, this would be the channel your canine friend loves.

Let Your Pet Dog Puppy Watch Television TV

Get Your Dog a New Pet

Get your dog a new furry friend when you see him getting bored all around the house. This will help both animals to get along and kill each other’s boredom. Before buying any pets, make sure they are perfectly healthy, vaccinated, and, most importantly, like your dog. Some companies will allow you to foster the pet first and then adapt it by making your own decision. Your concern should be your new pet fitting in the family. 

Hire a Dog Walker

Are you too busy to take your dog outside? Worry not. You can always hire a dog walker from reputable pet health care companies. They will send a lovely and friendly person to take your puppy outside for a walk. As a result, your dog will run and exercise all over the town and stay healthy.

Relax on the Couch

After playing a tiring game or training session, there’s no energy left. Trust me; nothing is better than resting for a while on the couch with your pup. He needs time to unwind too. Most of the dogs love to stay in the lounge and snuggle with their parents for a while. So, spend a little time with your fur friend to make him feel comfortable and cozy. Have a nice cuddling time together!

Pets Dogs Allowing Them To Relax Sit On The Couch

Wrapping Up - How will you keep them busy?

Being inside the house is boring, but these few tips will keep you and your dog entertained and busy. Play some fun games with your puppy, teach him something new, or train him to be safe and secure. You will be good. Dogs love interactive and engaging games, and it plays an important role in their good health.

So buy a few new toys, gather your motivation, and now you’re all set to keep your pup busy from developing bad habits.