10 Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Companion Dog

10 Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Companion Dog

Having a pet is a great feeling. Not only does it feel like an additional family member, but it behaves like one.

Dogs have a long history as friends with humans. It is like having a best friend. The ability of dogs to express love is excellent. And this is what makes their relationship with humans special.

Your dog is your companion. And if you want to spend some quality time with your dog, here is what you can do.

1. Workout Together

We all make new friends at unique locations. But there is one place where friendship is born quickly. And that place is a gym.

Workout is a great process to free and relax your muscles and help your body grow. Thus, if you plan a workout session with your dog, it would be a great help for your dog.

Dogs tend to replicate humans. Therefore, this means if you start a workout session, your dog will follow you. And this would be a great time for you both to try out some new moves.

2. A Sporting Event Outing

You go with your wife to a posh restaurant on a special day. Your dog needs to be at a special location, too, for a special day. Try taking your dog out at the Super Bowl or an NBA main event.

The new place is necessary to get your dog into a special mood. A new place would only help your dog to observe new scenes and atmosphere. This would be even more encouraging for your dog as it would give him a chance to develop a love for the game.

3. Train Some Tricks

Your dog is a great friend of yours. But above friendship, you need to train your dog too. Proper training would help your dog to be more active and energetic. His muscles would be more flexible and thus improve his growth.

What more you can do with your dog is to train him to learn valuable tricks.

For example, a good trick would be to train your dog to jump over various obstacles or slide beneath some.

A Sporting Event Outing With Your Pet And Training Them

Either way, your dog will love these activities. And once you add to the list, your dog is going to love you even more.

4. Pet Chores

Pets love to replicate humans. Pets will copy whatever you do to a great extent. If you work out with your dog, he will try to replicate you to every extent.

Similarly, if you try extra activities such as washing your car, your dog will try to lend a helping hand. So why not make the most of this opportunity? Thus, train your dog to do chores and activities such as turning on the water supply.

Or teach him to drag the carpets around. Think of a few more.

5. Dog Hike

Apart from gym and workout, there is another way you can stimulate your dog’s muscles. And that is to take your dog on a hike.

Visit A Dog Park Or Beach

We go on mountain hikes often, but this is not a priority if you need to take your dog.

Instead, you can take your dog on a sloped pathway to give him an idea of a hike. Or you can be bold enough to take your dog to the mountains for hiking. But make sure you select a favourable path.

6. Class Time

A class time is ideal for your dog. But this is not your regular class. This is a dog class, and you are the teacher. So make the most of this time.

Train your dog with valuable tips and ideas to better nourish his capabilities. Use this class time to train your dog to resist bad habits and learn valuable etiquette.

7. Spa Day

Relaxation is the key to a healthy life. A spa session once a week is enough to keep you active and energetic throughout the week.

A hot shower, massage, or spa session is good for your dog too. This session will encourage your dog to take them each week. A warm shower is thought to get your dog active and give a unique relaxation feel.

8. Shopping Time

Shopping malls here in the USA do not prohibit pets. So why not make the most of this time and opportunity? Take your dog out for shopping and get some time to get to know each other. Moreover, when visiting a shopping mall, buy something for your dog too.

For example, a meal will go very well with your dog. Additionally, go to a shopping mall to shop specifically for your dog. This will increase his love in your heart.

9. Visit a Dog Park

A dog park is a park specifically built for dogs. Dog owners bring dogs to the dog park to ease them of their habits and routine.

Dogs wander in these parks without their leash and mingle with other dogs present in the park. This is a great place where you can accompany your dog to. This is solo dog time, but your presence will be worthy. 

10. Car Trip

You can take your dog for a ride in the car. Not your wife but only your dog. Give your dog the front seat and fasten the seat belt. Then, take your dog on a ride and give him some quality observance time. Drive him around streets and highways so he can have a look at some of the incredible views. Also, play some soft music in the car to make the trip a complete one.

Pets Dog Car Caravan Road Trip


To Summarise

Your dog is your companion. Moreover, he is your best friend and a part of your family. So treat him like one, and he will never disobey you. But all of this depends on what type of life he is living with you. So train him to do his best. But also spend some quality time with him. These ten things will help grow the relationship you both have. From workout, shopping, and quality travel time, you can accompany your dog to some of the best places. So consider these activities not just a fun time but a time to learn and observe new things.