10 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

10 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Don’t you get excited when the summer is just around the corner? Of course, you do. So why not make sure your dog gets a say in your routine. Summer activities are a great way to bond with your dog in a more friendly way.

With some good training and through friendly activities, you can make your dog love you even more. So go no further. Here is how to treat your dog the best way:

Activity #1: A Dip in the Pool

When the sun is not going anywhere, it is time for you to step aside. Pools offer a great solution to avoid the heat. Unfortunately, dogs are prone to hot weather as well. Thus, it would be ideal for taking your dog to enjoy some pool time in cold water.

Dog Swimming Relaxing In The Pool Summer

Another thing you can plan for your summer vacation is to have a pool built in your house. Pools are a great way to allow your dog to learn to swim and stretch their muscles too.

Activity #2: Paddle Boarding

Do you see that one particular sight whenever I watch a movie? A dog sitting on the edge of the board... Well, that is paddle-boarding. Paddle boarding is a new adventure for your dog. While sitting on the edge of the board, he can view the most pleasing views of them all. But make sure when you take your dog out for paddle-boarding, he has a vest on. Don’t let your dog jump into the river, though, and it can be costly.

Activity #3: A Beach Day

People head out to the beach when temperatures peak. Take your dog along with you to enjoy good company. Dogs are humankind’s best friends, they say. So make the most of this time. A run on the beach sand would give him the extra bit of energy. A fun time would be achieved through sand activities. Plus, a short dip in the sea would be encouraging too. Since you need to beat the heat, this can be a good day for both of you.

Activity #4: Hike

When summers are just about to begin or are close, people love going for a hike. Dogs can be accompanied to hikes too. The constant increasing altitude would be best for improving their stamina. In addition, this would give your dog the extra workout they need. But this is not all. When you plan to hike, choose the best and shortest path that your dog can cover with ease. 

Dog Pet Hiking Hike Guide

Activity #5: Dining

Food is the priority for all. A good meal enhances your metabolism and increases your energy. And when you go out for dining, you multiply all these factors. When you take your dog out for a meal, it gives you both the time to look out for each other. Order a meal that could get your dog in the mood and cools his appetite. 

Activity #6: Movies and Snacks 

After a tough week, it is time to sit on the couch and relax by watching a late-night movie. Nothing is going to stop you from having some snacks such as popcorn. Sit with your dog and make this moment even special. Your dog would love this new entertainment idea. And this would get him waiting eagerly next time. Moreover, it would open a new world of imagination for your dog, making him more open-minded.

Activity #7: Park Time

Kids love to go to parks to enjoy slides and other physical activities on offer. Park time would be a great addition to your dog’s routine in the summers. During summer, animals tend to stay in the shade for long, which makes them dull. In the evenings, this walk in the park would feel warmer to the eyes and gentle to the muscles. This is a time for you two alone to relieve the stress together. Go for it!

Activity #8: Yoga Class

Do you love yoga? I don’t. But this wouldn’t stop you anytime soon. Some people like to work out in the gym, whereas some prefer morning yoga. If you love the latter, then your dog is in for a treat. Take your dog out for a yoga class. Perform your moves and see your dog copying in his style. More than the workout, this would be a time for him to learn new things. And as well all know, relaxing your muscles is only meant to make you flexible.

Dog Yoga Exercise Outdoors Indoors Class

Activity #9: Visit a Farmer’s Market

Dogs have a great ability to smell from a distance. And we all know where their services are utilized the most. But a walk in the farmer’s market is only going to enhance his ability. When dogs are kept as pets, they smell and see only a few things. This is why you need to take them out to make them see and observe the outside world. Walk in the farmer’s market would increase your dog’s ability to smell a variety of products. And some colorful products would also please his stroll.

Activity #10: A Treat 

After all the fun with your dog comes to an end, provide him with a treat. But remember, this is not just a regular treat where you serve him chicken and beef. This needs to be different and spot-on. How about some pupsicles? Popsicles are specifically named for dogs. Crunchy bread topped with some fruit puree would serve the purpose. This would be a nice sweet dessert or cookie dedicatedly produced for your dog. 

To Summarise!

Your dog is your best friend. You have brought him into your family to make him a member. So treat him the best possible way. Summer activities are a time to increase your bond with your dog. Make sure you adopt these ten habits on and off throughout the summer season. This would not only increase your bond but allow your dog to get better in multiple ways. Feel free to adopt further new ideas that would help your dog grow in many ways.